Gym Regulation
Safety is priority for the people play at CBA
  • Don't touch any of the electric panels
  • Emergency fire alarm system is set up in the gym; emergency light is show up to exit way.
  • The kids under 12 must be with the parents in the gym, except for taking lessons
  • The students taken lesson must pick up by their parents to leave the gym.
  • Wear the Badminton shoes. Pay extra worry less
Make the gym environment clean for practice
  • Ware the badminton shoes for your safety play.
  • No Black sole or Non Marker sole shoes must be indoor shoes only.
  • Proper sport clothes, no jeans for your comfortable playing
  • Would you please to pick up your used birdie put into the birdie trash can
  • Put all trash into trash cans.
Use the court rotation computer system to manage the schedule to play
  • Limited 30 min to be rotated from court when other players are waiting.
  • Use computer system to sigh in your waiting list for the court
Unauthorized private lessons are prohibited
Challenge court
  • Challenge court will be winner stay, until lost or want to break.
  • One game with 21 points only to be rotated.
  • Challenge can play single or double game.

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Gym Hours:

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