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At CBA, we take pride in bringing you the best coaches from around the world to create a personal coaching experience for each and everyone of our students. Their skills and experience are carefully reviewed and selected to craft learning programs that match the needs of our students to enable the best results.
Here are their profiles of our coaches.
Rose Lei
CBA Head Coach
Rose Lei was former Chinese National team member and captain of women's national team. She is the founder and owner of CBA.

Rose has spent her whole life in badminton. Her professional career began at Guang Dong province team, a champion team of China at the time. From there, she was picked to become part of the national team.

At the peak of her career, she held an undefeated record in Woman's single and doubles without official titles. Most recently, she won her first official World Champion title at Sweden World Senior Badminton Championship in September of 2015.

During her professional career, she was amongst all-stars of the world Badminton along with Tang, Xian Hu; Hou,Jia Chang; and Chen, Yu Niang, all whom enriched her experience and knowledge in badminton. Later on, she published two Badminton books both in China and the United States. Also, she is a publisher of many research papers to national and international Sports Science Conferences.

As a head coach of CBA, She is an avid advocate and contributor to CBA youth program. CBA players won over 40 national and international champions in the last five years. She had a big contribution to the badminton community of NCCAF.

Over 13 years she was a director for the Badminton division of NCCAF and hosted annual tournament at CBA.

Badminton is her love and her life and her philosophy of teaching enriches students beyond the courts of badminton.

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