CBA 2017 Badminton Spring Camp

April 14 - April 23

During school Spring Break, there are 10 days free from school. It is best time to take Badminton Camp at CBA. Our camp is running 8 days for Beginner, HS and Intermediate and above.

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Camp Date and Schedule:

Camp time:

9:00am - 11:00am

Beginner Camp:


Intermediate & above, HS:



1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 days8 days


  1. You can selected your available date that it has to fixed, without change, change fee $30.
  2. If you are CBA students, you should select your current team, if you are outside students, please come to do evaluation before the camp to be started.
  3. There is no make up lesson if absent from your scheduled class.
  4. Waive form New should be fill out when you sign in the camp.


Contact: 510-438-0445, or
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California Badminton Academy
46049 Warm Springs Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 438-0445

Gym Hours:

Mon-Fri 10:30am - 2:30pm 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Sat - Sun 7:00am - 10:00pm